ShutApp Review

​We all don’t like sneaky, deceptive apps that are running in the background that is against our knowledge take control of that with ShutApp which is an awesome battery saving app, you can create whitelists for apps you don’t wish to close from running in the background and everything else will shutdown with a click! Try it out today link below for android devices, click or copy and paste link.
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Dying Light Companion App

Hello everyone,

If you are enjoying Dying Light as much as I have you need to get the companion app right now! I have been playing Dying Light on my PS4 for a while and I just recently discovered the companion app which I quickly downloaded on my phone. Simply put it’s awesome, you have. ‘Scouts’ which are your runners for supplies and other survivors and any items you find can be sent to your main game of Dying Light!

You start out in the slums and lead into Old Town, you have some missions where you send scouts for supplies, each mission has a time frame from minutes to hours. You just select your mission the scouts you require and click start mission and put down your phone do whatever else and you’ll be notified when it’s completed and items acquired. Then all that’s left is to send the items (20 at a time) you wish to your main game.

Basically that’s it so go download it and you will not be disappointed comma by the way this obviously requires your phone to be on WiFi or data while you’re using it.

Thank you for reading. Oh and I’m up for any recommendations on what you want reviewed.

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Surveycow and Slidejoy

Welcome to my second review!

This one is a double, i’m reviewing SurveyCow and Slide Joy which are both apps that you can earn points on your lock screen. 

First Survey Cow

This app let you earn credit called beef Points which you can redeem once you earn 10000, the way you earn these points is by answering a sport survey at your lock screen woken unlocking phone. Survey questions are short such as, “have you ever made a video game” answer yes or no and Presto you have points. Referral code is J7D4B0


my referral is
This is awesome and better to earn credits then surveycow. With slidejoy you get advertisements during your lock screen before unlocking which you can swipe to view the add or choose to ignore it and unlock normally. If you choose to view the ad you get points which quickly accumulate you can also download apps or do surveys to earn credits, cash out can be PayPal or bitcoins I’ll upload a pic of the earning potential and also my earnings so far

Enjoy these apps and start earning. Next review Dying Light Companion app.

First Review

Hello guys and girls,
I’m reviewing Appkarma right now, I have it for android and I’m sure you can get it on Apple as well, but I will only be reviewing this for android.

Appkarma is an app where you can earn points for tasks like downloading apps, doing surveys and watching videos. It’s a pretty good app in my opinion and you can earn steadily if you follow the instructions listed near each app or video.

Pretty good range of app that have generous points from 40 points up to 300 each and some have additional points if left installed and played each day. Easily earn 1000 points in a day.

The cashout rates for PayPal are listed below (not huge amounts but better then some other apps, also available are iTunes and steam. Oh and I’m using Australia so it might be slightly different rewards depending on your country, for example Amazon not for Australia)

4000 $3

5550 $5

10000 $10

Pretty easy to start and earn. Use my referral link to get started with bonus points on startup

Thank you for reading my first Review. Next I’ll be reviewing another reward app called SurveyCow and slidejoy together in one post.



Hello everyone!

Hello everyone, I just started this blog because I wanted to get some app (and game) reviews out and let other people know some apps that are worth trying or should be avoided. Bear with me as I have just started and it’s going to be slow to starts, please recommend or request any reviews you wish for apps and games.

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